Friday, December 30, 2011

new day new outlook

this semester i felt the the only place i was happy was in my metal smithing class. i was free to create jewelry that i would wear, that i love, and that i was excited to make. this attitude did not transfer in to my printmaking class. i felt like i was compromising myself and the work i actually wanted to do. i didn't want to make 2-d pieces about who i am or what i'm going though i just want to make cute clothes. tops, dresses, and skirts. i known what i have wanted to do with my life but i got side tracked some where but i know what i want and i'm going for it. i am going to make work (clothes) that makes me happy. because i am not an artist for arts sake i love fashion and thats what i want to do with my life and i want to share that journey with you.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stuck in a style rut? part 1 take inventory

i know i am and its mostly because i have style ADD. one day i want to be girly and wear dresses the next dressed all in black and the next bohemian chic and those are on the good days. on the bad days i wear jeans and t-shirts that are less than fashionable and leave you feeling less than pretty, and you know your in a style rut when your co workers say "we used to look forward to what you used to wear. we were always trying to guess what is she going to wear next, but now its normal and conservative ." and that's the last thing you want to be.  well this series will help you get back to being that fashionable girl you want to be.


1. clean your closet
  I know everybody says this but its true. during the year you could have gained weight (that's me) or have lost weight. things don't fit any more and there is no use leaving them in your closet so put them in a bag and give them to charity. you have helped your community and have more room in your closet so you can see the things that actually fit you.

now every fashion magazine says to throw away the things you haven't used in a year but i don't necessarily  agree with this because were not all made out of money who can throw everything out and start over, but i think if it's not your style anymore  then you can decide weather of not you want to keep it. (because if its no longer your style but still fashionable and in good shape you can always try selling it in a consignment store. which means more money for you and less clutter in you closet.)

however if its some thing you forgot about but still love it heres a tip that i use when I'm cleaning out my closet. try to make as many outfits you can with that piece of clothing.( and for those of you saying how can i do this i don't even know what my style is? that's coming up in the next post) but for this just trust your gut. this will help you start defining your style, because only you can decide what you like and what you don't, and its also a great way to maximize your wardrobe.

now take stock and see what you have do you have mostly black shirts, and no color? or do you just have jeans and tons of t-shirts? i would write down a list of what you have and what you don't this will show you what gaps you need or can fill in your wardrobe and this will next take us to part 2 of finding your style.

love and cupcakes

Monday, December 26, 2011

stuck in a style rut?

when your stuck on how to change your style but know you need it to evolve to match who you are but not sure on how to change it but you know you want to? when your wearing the same things and no longer feeling fashionable. when you are sick of styling your the same way over and over again. then i think it's official your stuck in a style rut. but no worries i am starting a new "mini series" on how to get out of a style rut, become the fashionable person you always wanted to be, and even help define you style. so stay tuned every Wednesday to help get out of your style rut!

love an cupcakes

Sunday, December 25, 2011

all this time.....what i've missed

i wanted to come back to this blog with inspiration and a new out look and between the last days of school and having a really bad cold i have fallen short. i have missed showing you what i have been working on and i even missed my 2 year blogaiversary however i will be more present because i love writing, and sharing my points of view and thing i love and get inspiration from and with that said i want to share that i changed my minor again. 1 because i'm allergic to the ingredients in the clay and 2. making the clay was hard and heavy so after a broken heart and a broken back i changed my minor to wait for it, wait for it jewelry and metalsmithing which is why i have been MIA for a while making jewelry takes a while.  once i set up a photo shoot i will share what i have worked on! but un till then i will leave you with one jewelry designer i admire and would love to work for some day! Pamela Love.


images via google
pamela love

Thursday, December 15, 2011

fashion obsessions

thanks to the girl with the dragon tattoo (millennium) series that i have read this summer and watching all the Swedish films i can safely say i'm obsessed with lisbeth salander. her hair, her tattoos, and her clothes and thanks to H&M you can dress like her needless to say when i found out i let out a scream of happiness.  there pop up store opened yesterday in New York (another reason to more there shopping!) and im pretty excited about i love the whole collection they have.

these earrings i need to get!!!! i think they are the coolest thing i have seen!




Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Roundtable: Modern Femininity « StyleLikeU

Roundtable: Modern Femininity « StyleLikeU

i love this video! i love the different points of view about how different women view femininty.
hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

love and cupcakes

Saturday, December 3, 2011

gallery night

last night was girls night out which was so much fun! i went with my sister and my friend leane (pronounced lee ann). we got mexican food at our favorite place called torreros then headed out to the gallery hop. we went to the first gallery because friends from our school were doing their theses show. my favorite artist there (which i must admit it's a little biased because were friends) is jessica armstrong. she is a jewelry designer/ metalsmith and her stuff is amazing! i would die for one of her pieces.

this is me and jess armstrong 

do you see why i say i die for her pieces. the picture above is my favorite thing she she has made. she is such a sweetheart. so we mingled for a while with some of our friends. and continued with the gallery hop.

we went to a jewelry/gallery store and my sister erica bought a ring and we looked. they had stones nice ones like turquoise, and amber that you could set which was nice. then we went to the kada gallery where my friend leane worked and i bought a painting! the most amazing painting i have ever seen. that was our last stop for the night and then we drove to get coffee and just talked to the wee hours of the morning which was super fun and relaxing. the perfect way to end the night.

love and cupcakes

Thursday, December 1, 2011

happy december first!


its getting cold over here you can smell the snow and every one and yes i mean every one is ready for our winter break. it's still a couple weeks away and i plan on getting tons of work done this weekend. i'm am finishing a series of 4 prints that have to do with spanish saying my family says. so once they are done i cant wait to share! so until then i hope you guys have a wonderful december 1st! go enjoy some hot chocolate to keep your self warm.

love and cupcakes

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i have been mia for a very long time

The reason is I have been going though a lot of growing pains in life, school, friends, life goals and I just needed to take a break, and filled my days watching hot in cleveland and desperate housewives on netflix. but I have been up to my old tricks changed my minor again to jewelry!!!! and I am so happy about it! i will fill you guys in in about 2 weeks that's when I am done with school and can focus on fun art projects to share! i just wanted to say i missed the blog and i want to make it more of a priority.

i love you guys
(maybe a bit to heavy? but it's true)

love and cupcakes

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

missoni for target

As every fashionista knows missoni for target came out yesterday. it's suppose to last until october 22nd however in my little town almost everything was gone by the end of the day. i was very lucky and scored some pieces that i love love love. there was pandaemonium because by the time i got there only a few pieces were still there and there was some crazy lady talking on the phone to someone describing every piece of clothing to the person over the phone, then she commented hey i have to let you go these people are grabbing everything in sight. (hello its missoni MISSONI how can you not grab everything and discard later) to top it off she kept following us and kept giving us the Manhattan once over. (for those of you who don't know what that is its when people "check you out" from head to toe and in my case disapprove of what your wearing or in this case what your holding) But i went home with a shopping high and  a full heart.

reasons why i got caught up in the missoni moment

1. i watch rachel zoe and that's it first time i saw Margherita missoni who i love.

2. i love the bold zig zag patterns.

3. they are Italian! they know how to dress.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

we had joy we had fun we has seasons in the sun

this summer has been full of highs and lows though those time i just wanted some time to reflect so i have kept to my self and took a break well because i lost my voice i didn't know what to write about because alot of things in my life have or are in the process of changing. but i want to focus on the highs of this summer because there were alot of good ones.

1. got my first commison.

2. went down south and panned for saphires

3. decited i dont want to move down south

4. got closer to new friend (she's got me hooked on castle and gives me great books to read)

5. i have a new son his name is henry which you already know but serously came at the perfect time he is a good distraction.

6. God's always got my back

that's what happened this summer. i'm exticed that i's almost over to get back to school. i am so lucky to be able to study what i love and can't wait to get back to it and learn more.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

book nerd list aka summer reading

working at a library all week, spending the weekend at my local barns and nobles, and  up loading books to to my kindle its safe to say i'm a book nerd and i very proud of that. i love reading now but if you would have asked the 9 year old me i would have said no i hate reading only nerds do that. little did i know that i would grow up and love the different places a book can take you and i have enjoyed reading about these characters.

1. girl with a dragon tattoo (the millennium series)

yes i know that everyone and i mean everyone had either read, is reading, or wants to read this series. it was really good i never knew what was going to happen and every time i finished a chapter i just kept going. it was really hard to put down. i finished the 1st one in 3 days and started reading the 2nd one but stopped in the middle to read.....

2. silent girl aka the rizzoli and isles series

i read these books last summer from the very first book to what then was the last or the newest book and i was very eager to get this since i found out it was going to come out in july.  i even pre ordered it and i'm right in the middle of it and its very good. i love the character of jane rizzoli she's a tough woman and i love that about this book series is that she i a very good heroine.

3. just kids

i started this book and then i lost it in my pan am bag for a while my sister read it and said "it was great and you absolutely need to read this!" this is still on my reading list for sure.

4. Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter

i love love love this book. i read this book in about a week and when we traveled down to south Carolina we listened to it on the way down. i love the relationship between abraham and henry. a vampire who helps Abe become the worlds best vampire hunter. (i loved this book so much that i name the little black kitten that rescued from under our deck henry because when he yawns you can see two little teeth. ) anyway this book is so good and entertaining that i swear you wont put it down.(it also helped me to remember facts for my history class) did i mention they are making a movie about it super excited.
update: the movie was completely different don't watch it. 
if you guys are looking for books to read this summer i would suggest these i loved them and maybe you would too.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

the day's they came and went and came again.

the past few weeks since i promised to write every day have been bombarded with issues, i felt under the weather for a week then felt drained at work because my trusty side kick retired, then it was vacation time! so the days keep changing so fast i can't believe its july 7th already. man where does the time go? i will be doing/ posting the diy i  was going to do some time next week or this weekend if things don't pop out of nowhere like they keep doing.  will post about what we did during the vacation had lots of fun and when we got home we even got a new pet! tons of stuff to fill you guys in i'm kinda excited about this season of my life. 
love and cupcakes
p.s be back soon i hope....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my summer must haves


i'm loving friendship bracelets every summer i always make a few to wear all summer long. they look so good layered on on top of another. i think they complete any summer outfit from dresses to a t shirt and shorts.
i love that they can be as simple as a braid or the more complicated knots. i love the patterns that you can make from the regular 4 knot to a zig zag and you can add beads to make them extra special.



here's chelsea DIY on a beautiful mess to help you make some i will post a friendship bracelet diy tomorrow afternoon.
love and cupcakes

Sunday, June 12, 2011

my summer must haves


 i am loving anything turquoise.  necklaces, rings, bracelets oh my!  Its the perfect accent to any outfit because of its ocean blue color. it has a punch of color with out being overwhelming. i'm sure i will be wearing more of this color this summer for sure.
Turquoise Crystal Ring


hope you enjoy
love and cupcakes

perfect summer time hair

i know my sister and i are gonna try this i hope you do too!

love and cupcakes

Saturday, June 11, 2011

rain came and went so we took a walk

this last week we had our fair shares of rain storms and tornado watches. this is strange because where i live we haven't had a tornado anything during my life time though most of the week was rainy there was a very nice day and we took advantage of it. my family and i took a hike and mid way though i realized I'm so out of shape. but it was nice we stopped every so often to take a picture or two.

hope you guys have a lovely weekend 

love and cupcakes