Thursday, July 7, 2011

the day's they came and went and came again.

the past few weeks since i promised to write every day have been bombarded with issues, i felt under the weather for a week then felt drained at work because my trusty side kick retired, then it was vacation time! so the days keep changing so fast i can't believe its july 7th already. man where does the time go? i will be doing/ posting the diy i  was going to do some time next week or this weekend if things don't pop out of nowhere like they keep doing.  will post about what we did during the vacation had lots of fun and when we got home we even got a new pet! tons of stuff to fill you guys in i'm kinda excited about this season of my life. 
love and cupcakes
p.s be back soon i hope....


  1. i was starting to think you dropped off the blogging face of the earth. eager to see what you have to show us. big hugs!

  2. omg that is so funny no still here and excited to show you what i've been up to

  3. I like this illustration a lot. Did you make it?