Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my summer must haves


i'm loving friendship bracelets every summer i always make a few to wear all summer long. they look so good layered on on top of another. i think they complete any summer outfit from dresses to a t shirt and shorts.
i love that they can be as simple as a braid or the more complicated knots. i love the patterns that you can make from the regular 4 knot to a zig zag and you can add beads to make them extra special.



here's chelsea DIY on a beautiful mess to help you make some i will post a friendship bracelet diy tomorrow afternoon.
love and cupcakes

Sunday, June 12, 2011

my summer must haves


 i am loving anything turquoise.  necklaces, rings, bracelets oh my!  Its the perfect accent to any outfit because of its ocean blue color. it has a punch of color with out being overwhelming. i'm sure i will be wearing more of this color this summer for sure.
Turquoise Crystal Ring


hope you enjoy
love and cupcakes

perfect summer time hair

i know my sister and i are gonna try this i hope you do too!

love and cupcakes

Saturday, June 11, 2011

rain came and went so we took a walk

this last week we had our fair shares of rain storms and tornado watches. this is strange because where i live we haven't had a tornado anything during my life time though most of the week was rainy there was a very nice day and we took advantage of it. my family and i took a hike and mid way though i realized I'm so out of shape. but it was nice we stopped every so often to take a picture or two.

hope you guys have a lovely weekend 

love and cupcakes