Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

book nerd list aka summer reading

working at a library all week, spending the weekend at my local barns and nobles, and  up loading books to to my kindle its safe to say i'm a book nerd and i very proud of that. i love reading now but if you would have asked the 9 year old me i would have said no i hate reading only nerds do that. little did i know that i would grow up and love the different places a book can take you and i have enjoyed reading about these characters.

1. girl with a dragon tattoo (the millennium series)

yes i know that everyone and i mean everyone had either read, is reading, or wants to read this series. it was really good i never knew what was going to happen and every time i finished a chapter i just kept going. it was really hard to put down. i finished the 1st one in 3 days and started reading the 2nd one but stopped in the middle to read.....

2. silent girl aka the rizzoli and isles series

i read these books last summer from the very first book to what then was the last or the newest book and i was very eager to get this since i found out it was going to come out in july.  i even pre ordered it and i'm right in the middle of it and its very good. i love the character of jane rizzoli she's a tough woman and i love that about this book series is that she i a very good heroine.

3. just kids

i started this book and then i lost it in my pan am bag for a while my sister read it and said "it was great and you absolutely need to read this!" this is still on my reading list for sure.

4. Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter

i love love love this book. i read this book in about a week and when we traveled down to south Carolina we listened to it on the way down. i love the relationship between abraham and henry. a vampire who helps Abe become the worlds best vampire hunter. (i loved this book so much that i name the little black kitten that rescued from under our deck henry because when he yawns you can see two little teeth. ) anyway this book is so good and entertaining that i swear you wont put it down.(it also helped me to remember facts for my history class) did i mention they are making a movie about it super excited.
update: the movie was completely different don't watch it. 
if you guys are looking for books to read this summer i would suggest these i loved them and maybe you would too.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

the day's they came and went and came again.

the past few weeks since i promised to write every day have been bombarded with issues, i felt under the weather for a week then felt drained at work because my trusty side kick retired, then it was vacation time! so the days keep changing so fast i can't believe its july 7th already. man where does the time go? i will be doing/ posting the diy i  was going to do some time next week or this weekend if things don't pop out of nowhere like they keep doing.  will post about what we did during the vacation had lots of fun and when we got home we even got a new pet! tons of stuff to fill you guys in i'm kinda excited about this season of my life. 
love and cupcakes
p.s be back soon i hope....