Sunday, December 25, 2011

all this time.....what i've missed

i wanted to come back to this blog with inspiration and a new out look and between the last days of school and having a really bad cold i have fallen short. i have missed showing you what i have been working on and i even missed my 2 year blogaiversary however i will be more present because i love writing, and sharing my points of view and thing i love and get inspiration from and with that said i want to share that i changed my minor again. 1 because i'm allergic to the ingredients in the clay and 2. making the clay was hard and heavy so after a broken heart and a broken back i changed my minor to wait for it, wait for it jewelry and metalsmithing which is why i have been MIA for a while making jewelry takes a while.  once i set up a photo shoot i will share what i have worked on! but un till then i will leave you with one jewelry designer i admire and would love to work for some day! Pamela Love.


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pamela love

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  1. she has great style! hey better to find out now, then spend your life being allergic without knowing it. will be fun to see your jewelry, & your wed style section. :)