Tuesday, July 31, 2012

i just saw Florence in concert no big deal

i have loved Florence and the machine since i saw them on the vma's and to see her live was an amazing experience. we almost didn't get to go because the tickets were all sold out but thanks to persistent husband from a friend we got tickets! which was the greatest news when i heard it. i was so excited all day i was counting down every hour at work. i just couldn't help it i was super excited and let me tell you she did not disappoint. she is amazing live! her voice is so powerful and electric. it was amazing show and i didn't want it to end. if you haven't listened to florence and the machine you should she's a great singer, style icon, and muse to one of my favorite designers karl lagerfeld. i love her and i sure you will too.


Saturday, July 14, 2012


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thank you to everyone who wished my dad well. he's doing ok. we still have to go though a little bit more but i know God has everything in his hands so i'm not too worried. i was so excited to start getting more on the blog. but  i just had to take time off to be with family. now that i have i'll be coming  back full force!
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

things on my mind

i was fully prepared to tell you guys how an amazing time i'm having down here but now that seams really trivial now. but something happened with my dad and now all i can think about is getting home as soon as possible. everyone is telling me he's ok but i won't feel better untill i see him with my own eyes. so keep us in your prayers. thanks guys

Monday, July 2, 2012

oh july

this month always holds a special place in my heart! for one we always visit my grandparents this month. which live super far away and i never get to see except twice a year. this month is also the gem show in our little town which i'm a so happy for because i have been waiting for this since i learn how to set stones! i have so many i want to get. (more on that later). the thing i have been waiting for months and months! i get to go see Florence and the machine at the end of this month! i'm so excited i can't wait.  this is going to be a great month because i am determined to make it into one. :)

ps. i know its early but happy 4th of july! hopefully i get to write a post even if its a out fit post!

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