Saturday, May 28, 2011

i rocked a turban yesterday

the consensus in my small town is 2 adorables  and 1 what were you thinking followed by man your nuts. so all in all a pretty good day for the turban. i forgot to snap a pic while i was wearing it but this is how it pretty much looked like.

images via free people
my sister rocking a turban for her blog button.

love and cupakes

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wishing for the rain to go away.

image via in his image digitography
i know i haven't posted in awhile blame the storms that keep coming to our area they knock out our internet connection every time i decide to make a post anyway, we finally had a good warm weekend and my sister and i got to have our photos taken by two really good friends. they both snapped shots at the same while we posed. i like this idea it cool to see how they both differed in the approach of setting up a shot.  
now that school is over i need to get in some much needed craft time! so i will make some DIY's for those rainy days that seem to be coming. i have so many ideas and now i have time to do them i'm so excited to start sharing projects.  my first project is the picture above.

love and cupcakes

Friday, May 6, 2011

pottery pics part 1

i have made so much stuff this semester and while i was photographing my pottery my camera stopped working so here are some shots i took of little cups i made because i was inspired by some cups from starbucks that i thought were clever.

the assignment was to make three matching things, anything you wanted i however made four because I'm paranoid and thought what if one was lost or it broke and i wanted to make sure i had enough of the end of the year critic.

this is each individual one. once i get my camera fixed i will take more of my pottery. 
love and cupcakes