Saturday, June 11, 2011

rain came and went so we took a walk

this last week we had our fair shares of rain storms and tornado watches. this is strange because where i live we haven't had a tornado anything during my life time though most of the week was rainy there was a very nice day and we took advantage of it. my family and i took a hike and mid way though i realized I'm so out of shape. but it was nice we stopped every so often to take a picture or two.

hope you guys have a lovely weekend 

love and cupcakes


  1. luvin the tree! glad ur safe, jess. we had tornado sirens going & shingles blown off our roof about a month? ago. didn't realize til after the fact, the tornado was a block away. i totally feel lucky, for once. ;)

  2. yeah its always super scary when the sky turns black and because we live in the north we have no sirens so were like sitting ducks everytime. i'm so glad your ok too. that would have been so scary.