Friday, September 2, 2011

we had joy we had fun we has seasons in the sun

this summer has been full of highs and lows though those time i just wanted some time to reflect so i have kept to my self and took a break well because i lost my voice i didn't know what to write about because alot of things in my life have or are in the process of changing. but i want to focus on the highs of this summer because there were alot of good ones.

1. got my first commison.

2. went down south and panned for saphires

3. decited i dont want to move down south

4. got closer to new friend (she's got me hooked on castle and gives me great books to read)

5. i have a new son his name is henry which you already know but serously came at the perfect time he is a good distraction.

6. God's always got my back

that's what happened this summer. i'm exticed that i's almost over to get back to school. i am so lucky to be able to study what i love and can't wait to get back to it and learn more.


  1. you have a son? you're a mom! wow! congratulations jes! :)

    what's your commission for? is it an art commission? pottery? photography? you don't have to share if you don't want.

  2. no i have a cat he's my son. oh and the commission is carousel horses i will share but i need to get the pics when they are hung up.