Sunday, December 30, 2012

365 Photo App Challenge!

The new year is starting soon and one of my goals is to take more photos with all the apps on my phone. I tired this once when I went to Chicago, and to South Carolina this year and I did use the apps more but mostly just instagram.  I recently got so many more apps that I want to use and I feel like this challenge will be good for me. This will help me be aware of opportunities to take pictures. I will document this project once a week with the best snapshots i've taken, one picture for every day of the week. will you join me in this challenge? if so let me know! leave a link to your blog in the comments.


my sister forging her bracelet. edited with afterglow

Chicago at the navy pier edited with afterglow 

me waiting for the subway in chicago going to the field museum. edited with afterglow and pixlromatic 

Friday, December 28, 2012

my fashion closet app!

I just got the app my fashion closet! it's one of those apps that lets you take pictures of your clothes. then lets you put them into categories, it also let you make outfits!  i'm so excited as soon as i got the app i started taking pictures of my clothes. i had to stop my fun to go to work. i just got back home went straight to my room to take more pictures of my clothes. un till my mom came to my room and asked me what i was doing and once she realized i was working with the app she laughed. i just bought this app today and i really like it! i would recommend it just to keep track of what you have in your closet for when you go shopping! you should really check it out you can get the free app but if you have alot in your closet like me the full app is only $1.99 on apple app store.

images via google

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

next year i will....

Well here we are near the end this year and at the beginning of a new one so i think it's time to think about goals for the coming year. (I don't like the word resolution it's sounds scary and unobtainable.) Goals everybody has them the trick to them is coming up with one that you can actually achieve. Have a big goal with steps that can help you reach your goals. Here are mine to give you an idea.

1. To write more here on the ole blog.

- Plan out post before they go live.
- write out every idea before i forget them.
- try to use my own photographs.

2. My sister and I are planning on doing a ring a week project for the year. 

- We will design a ring and fabricate it from start to finish.
-  I will document the process here to keep me accountable. 

3. Document my life.

- I want to take pictures daily to capture little moments that would be forgotten.
- I will use my phone because I have tons of apps on my phone and the only ones I use are aferglow, and instagram. 

4. I want to do style posts. 

- I love fashion and would love to share my style with you guys.
- This will also help me come up with new ways to wear things! always a plus. 

these are my goals for 2013! share yours in the comments i would love to see what everyone is going to work on this year!
this is a submission for the IFB project.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

my new favorite jewelry designers Anndra Neen

I have loved Phoebe and Annette Stevens ever since I saw them on a video for style like u. They described their style and their views on jewelry and what it means to them. The way they talked about their process in designing jewelry I could really relate to.  All of their jewelry is hand crafted in Mexico City which is really great they are giving jobs to their community which i really admire.

pictured above there are some pieces from their caged collection, copper collection, mirror and pin collection, and spine collection  among others. To see all of their collections visit them at I love their jewelry its so effortless to wear and makes a statement with anything you wear but I tend to wear a new piece of jewelry with everything even if it doesn't match, it matches. it forces me to create an outfit around the jewelry. My favorite pieces from them has to be their bags, purses and clutches. There is an air of sophistication to them with a hint of reckless abandon which i respond strongly to. These bags are truly a work of art and are a statement in themselves. 

i love this picture above that their bracelets can easily be sculptures and look the same which can be a very hard thing to do. Below is the video that introduced me to them. Watch it you'll fall in love with them too.

images via google, video via

Friday, December 21, 2012

taking it seriously

i started this blog on december 11, 2009 i was a sophomore in college and had tons of ideas about this blog. As i wrote i got burned out didn't know what to write about anymore so i thought i would take a break and then return. when i went to come back i was still burned out but with the best intentions i wrote a little and then stopped not ready to return. then i was thinking about stopping this blog and starting a new one with my sister so i wouldn't have to blog by myself and all of the content would be up to me so it had been a long time since we talked about it and no blog so. then i went soul searching enjoyed time with my family and focused on school which which was nice it gave me time to focus on where i want my jewelry to go. then the other day i was talking to my mother and she mentioned why i haven't blogged in a while which left me to wonder why? i miss writing my obsessions however nerdy they are, or what I'm stalking on the internet because i love a new piece of jewelry and can not afford it, or about my adventures that i have had this year, or who i met. i know this started off as a "break up" letter but in reality its about figuring out why i started this in the first place and why i ever stopped. i did burn my self out but now i'm ready to share what i've been up to and other things that pop up along the way!
image taken by Tara Herter Photography and edited with afterglow