Saturday, December 3, 2011

gallery night

last night was girls night out which was so much fun! i went with my sister and my friend leane (pronounced lee ann). we got mexican food at our favorite place called torreros then headed out to the gallery hop. we went to the first gallery because friends from our school were doing their theses show. my favorite artist there (which i must admit it's a little biased because were friends) is jessica armstrong. she is a jewelry designer/ metalsmith and her stuff is amazing! i would die for one of her pieces.

this is me and jess armstrong 

do you see why i say i die for her pieces. the picture above is my favorite thing she she has made. she is such a sweetheart. so we mingled for a while with some of our friends. and continued with the gallery hop.

we went to a jewelry/gallery store and my sister erica bought a ring and we looked. they had stones nice ones like turquoise, and amber that you could set which was nice. then we went to the kada gallery where my friend leane worked and i bought a painting! the most amazing painting i have ever seen. that was our last stop for the night and then we drove to get coffee and just talked to the wee hours of the morning which was super fun and relaxing. the perfect way to end the night.

love and cupcakes


  1. sweet photos of you, your sis, & friends. she does make very pretty jewelry worthy of project accessory. what does your new painting you bought look like?

  2. i will make a post about it as soon as i pick it up

  3. You ladies look amazing!!! I want Mexican food now... sigh.

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi