Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Jewelry: couture and ready to wear

school has started and I was ready to make some new jewelry pieces! The first project was angle raising which I already had a few ideas about what i wanted to do and i was ready to get started but because our class was so big our teacher split the project in half. Half of the class is doing angle raising and the other half is doing die forming, and because I already had my project figured out for angle raising chances were I was doing die forming (Murphy's law and all).

I was right and ended up in the die forming group. I had a few ideas but none that i really wanted to commit to. on top of that I also wanted to make two projects, because I'm an over achiever ;) the reason why is that I wanted to make two projects is I'm in intermediate 2 and i feel like I need to show more.  more skills, more time management, more pieces.

Thanks to project runway (that inspired what I did for my project) I decided to make a "couture" necklace, as well as a "ready to wear" piece because in fashion that is what designers do.  I knew that I wanted the couture piece to be big and the ready to wear to be more easy to wear.
I enameled the die formed pieces. I wanted the colors to be bright. I made a lot of samples of which colors I wanted to use. I also wanted the colors to fade in to each other. I also hand made the chain. I used foxtail weave and a double loop and loop.  I love these pieces and wanted to share them with you because I always talk about showing you guys what I'm doing so here they are! i hope you love them as much I do!