Wednesday, January 25, 2012

stuck in a style rut? part 5 style icons

i know that everyone had one. a style role model that is. the person who you look at a magazine and think man if only i could dress like this? and i say why can't you? you don't have to take the whole outfit idea if its not your thing but you can take inspiration from it and make it your own.

so this is what i've been working on

 i have taken 5 stylish women who style i love (you can choose more than 5.)

1. florence welsh
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2. kourtney kardashian
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3. mary kate olsen
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4. zooey deschanel

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5. audrey hepburn
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 i took them and wrote down why i loved their style, as well as my favorite outfits they have worn.
i also put a must have article of clothing that reminds me of  their style and that would work with my body shape. this will help your because more times than not all the women that you choose have something in their style that's in common with each other and what you are trying to achieve or put across in your style. this also helps you identify what styles you like and dislike. i hope this gets you thinking about who style you like and why and how to take something and make it your own.
if you have any questions please leave them in the comments.

love and cupcakes

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