Saturday, January 28, 2012

inspiration for rings

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the first assignment in my metal smithing is to cast two rings and with one of the two you need to set stones on them. which since my sister already took this class i knew what to expect, however i had no idea what to make given the fact that i had prepared all winter break for this. when push came to shove there was nothing that i was excited about to actually make it into a ring. let alone add stones.

any one who knows me knows i love chunky jewelry, but i didn't know how to approach this because i knew i didn't want a big stone with something typical around it. i knew i wanted something special, that no one had but every one would go "man i want that ring, or that ring is so cool." is that too much pressure? maybe but i can't help my self. that is my problem i want to make amazing things that nothing can hold up to my standards.

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so fast forward to the conversation my mother and sister and i had while eating dinner.  Mom :    "remember when you were little and we went to the zoo? and all you and your sister did was pick up stones. you would put them in your pockets and i didn't have the heart to throw them away."

then it hit me why not try to update that story? so now i'm designing pieces that are inspired by that story.
 can't wait to share my sketches!
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