Wednesday, January 4, 2012

stuck in a style rut? part 2 finding your style

There are so many ways to find out what your style is.  Most websites have style quizzes that put you in a category and they are almost always generic like your sporty or girly however most of us have more than one side were not just one thing and style is a way to express yourself but to find out what you like i would check out this step.

2. create a style journal, or a folder.
 take a small journal that can fit in your purse (so you have it everywhere you go) and start filling it with pictures from magazines that catch your eye. ( or you can do it on your computer by adding a folder to your desktop)

( this is mine on my desktop, the first one has the hair cut i got a while ago and the bottom one has a make up trend i love.)

This takes time but its worth it because its everything that you love. it helps you when you go shopping because its were you put pictures of clothes that you love, trends, hair colors, cuts, makeup trends that you want to try. so when your feeling bored with you style you can go and try a makeup trend or a new hair style. This also helps your style evolve and help you put together a style profile to help you fill out that wardrobe.

love and cupcakes!


  1. i definitely collect make-up images i want to refer to, & try then i collaged them in a book. i keep my fashion mags as inspiration too, & of course my blog is full of looks i like. happy wednesday jess! :)

  2. that is such a great idea to keep inspiration for hair and make up trends. i love your blog!
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