Wednesday, January 18, 2012

stuck in a style rut? part 4 take risks

fashion is all about having fun! once its stops being fun it becomes a chore which lets face it puts you in a style rut. don't take it too seriously it should be easy. i know that for me when i just pick stuff out in the morning in a sleepy blur it just goes together and they become some of my favorite outfits.  there is something to be said for when i do plan an outfit and sometimes i love the outfit but i feel like they aren't appropriate for the little town that i live in. on those days i have to say forget it and i take a risk and wear it anyway and i'm always happy i did.
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taking fashion risk takes guts, confidence and it helps your style grow. when i say take risk i don't mean wear some thing that would make you uncomfortable. if it your not used to a style just try it,  it may surprise you and end up loving it . i'm saying if you see a woman with a bright color top and your just a black and white kinda girl take a risk and wear a different color top. if you wear jean all the time try a flirty skirt. it's just to get out of your fashion comfort zone.

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you can also so this with your make up. no i did not forget about make up. i love it because it can change a whole look with the colors that you pick. i love fun eye shadows and bold lips because they are fun and can change your face and outlook.  if you have never worn make up i say take it slow and pick a color that you feel comfortable. when i started wearing lipstick (my first color was red) i wore it every day for a week because at first its weird to see color and then after seeing it for a few days you get use to it.  for those of you that have been wearing lipstick get out of the shades that you normally use ( yes i'm calling you out i know you have shades your comfortable with. i know i do to) but try something new if you wear pink try a plum or a brown and if you like dark colors try some fun like orange, or a candy pink.

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so take a risk and try something new you'll be glad you did!

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