Thursday, January 12, 2012

stuck in a style rut? part 3 fashion rules

every time i go shopping with my mom she looks at a garment and says "oh its good! don't they say its good to have something with rushing?  that's a rule right?" fashion rules like no white after labor day, or you cant wear mismatch patterns are silly. why are we no longer "allowed" to wear a color. I say the only fashion rule you follow is to dress for your body shape. only because when you dress for your body it makes you look fantastic. it shows off the best qualities of your figure.  but what these aren't rules these are just my personal  takes on fashion.

 1.when i mix patterns i try to at least have a similar color story so it has some reason behind it. my inspiration is marc jacobs.

2. matching colors. i love matching colors because it gives you a bold look. it freshens up your wardrobe and keeps your style fun.

3. layers i love love love layering, because living in a town where the weather is unpredictable its pretty handy to keep extra clothes on during the cold months.  i love mixing colors with neutrals when i wear this look.

hope you enjoy my takes on fashion and i'm sure i will write another fashion post before this series is over.
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