Tuesday, May 29, 2012

change is inevitable


the more i think about the person i was and the person i am now i can't even believe how much i have changed. not only with the way i am but my style as well. i know i have been working hard to get over my shyness ( its a very hard processes for me to open up to people when they are sitting in front of me.) and i think my style reflected that i would wear loud and obnoxious things to keep people away or dark clothes to blend in and be invisible, but now i find myself wanting to wear colors! don't get me wrong i still love black but now i wear it because i love it, not to hide. what brought me to this realization is pintrest yes i know pintrest! i was looking though my style board and i realized that who i am has changed by what i like now. i still have that rock and roll edge that has been a part of my life for so long. but i feel like i'm growing up a little bit wanting to wear "girl" clothes. what happened was this i was pinning along and then i went to pin the dress above and i thought to myself wow look how much you've changed your not afraid to stand out for all the right reasons.  i just wanted to share this because i know that change is inevitable and i'm glad for it. when change comes your way be open to it. it could lead to great things.

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  1. jes, it's good to know you are embracing it, while still being you. we all evolve. :)