Tuesday, May 8, 2012

finally almost done

this semester is almost over and i'm so glad. every year i feel like i have great intentions for all my projects, i was going to get my organization act together, and i was going to plan out my time effectively, and every year i start out great but by the end of it i get so overwhelmed and feel so beat up i cant wait for it to be over. this semester was a tough one with me not being happy and almost quitting (i came to my senses and stuck it out thank God so much happier now) but it was hard getting though some days. soon its going to be over and i'm so happy i need this break! i plan to start an inspiration board on pintrest for my jewelry, i need to have them photographed, and i want to just get back to making art just because.....not for a class, no deadline just to make it fun again.  maybe this will spark something great! i cant wait.


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  1. hey girl check the ilovetocreate.com and join them. they have an organization so ill investigate