Friday, May 11, 2012

bullet shell and chain friendship bracelet

This is a quick D.I.Y with what i had in my purse. Yes i have bullets shell's in my purse. A friend I'm my metal smithing class was cutting them up and gave me the part she didn't need anymore.

i used cut bullet shells but you can use tubing or even just thick metal beads

chain i had chain left over from my project but you can buy some chain from any craft store and cut them down to size.

any color of embroidery floss

step one

cut out five arm length pieces. fold in half and tie a slip knot.

step two

braid and inch or two then add the a forward knot to secure the braid 

add the "bead" add a forward knot and reverse forward knot to secure it into place.

add the chain forward knot and braid the embroidery floss until the braid is the same length of the chair and forward knot to secure it into place add the other "bead" the way you added the first. braid the rest tie a knot and volla your done!

a quick D.I.Y to break up your day and once your finished you have a cool bracelet. if you make one leave a comment to your photo i would love to check them out.



  1. You are SO incredibly creative! This is adorable!

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