Monday, May 7, 2012

new york part 1

i have written this post in my head so many times. trying to remember every moment of it. the first thing i want to say is new york is the greatest city in the world! even though i haven't been to every city in the world i feel like nothing can top this metropolis, and this trip confirmed what i already knew in my heart to be true once i finish school I'm move to the big apple. so now for what we did on this trip.

we took a bus from my school and headed to nyc got there at 3 in the afternoon and it was amazing. i almost cried (yes i'm a happy crier) that i was back in the city that i had visited when i was sixteen and so excited to make it to cbgb's. this time was different i went with girl friends, and we had an amazing time. museums (like the met yay gossip girl) amazing pizza and the empire state building which i was very nervous  because i'm afraid of heights and its the tallest building the city so yikes! i was happy that my friends were there to share in this pretty big moment for me conquering my fear (there was a split second that i almost didn't go up, but i thought to myself you can let fear control you this way.) so i did it my heart was racing and i was shaking the first elevator ride up but the employees were so nice and chatted us up and that relaxed my nerves. we made it up and it was amazing!

this is the picture i took of the chrysler building when i made it to the top!

this is me on the top! proof that i actually did it!

we did alot more because we were there for a week but i wanted to share the thing that made the trip for me first and will continue to write about it soon. i just haven't decided whether or not to just have a big photo post or just post about each thing we did. so un till i figure it out hope you enjoyed my story. 

love and cupcakes 


  1. jes, hooray for being afraid, & doing it anyway! :) glad you found the city to be what you expected & remembered.

  2. You look beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see the rest!!!

  3. I absolutely love New York! I need to go back!