Sunday, March 27, 2011

artist I love

Last week my school brought a visiting artist. they do this from time to time with different clubs. this time it was artist margery amdur. she came did a lecture in the afternoon which i attended.(because one of the art professors came in to our classroom and told us about it and our teacher said it was ok to go! YAY!) she went though some of the art she did when she first started out. it was 3-D installation work and some really awesome community art  pieces. she showed us how her style changed and what to do if we get in a creative slump. then at 5 was her gallery opening. which was amazing.

her stuff i amazing i hope you enjoy!
love and cupcakes

Thursday, March 24, 2011

i think it's safe to say.....

That i need a little pick me up in the make up department. though i do wear bright red lipstick and dark purple lipstick i need to perk up my eye makeup and i think i will do that tomorrow with blue eye shadow and i know, i know what you guys are thinking you'll end up like mimi in the dew carry show! and you what i say to that pish posh that's hog wash you just have to do it right. like in these pictures.(sorry for the rhyme i made some dr. seuss inspired vases today)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

4 pics of...... and artist i love

South carolina

i went to go visit my grandparents for spring break i still have to go though most of the pics i took but here are some i took with my phone.

skittles + coke in glass bottle = best road trip fuel ever! it keeps you awake for the 12 hour drive.

i never understood why they called them the purple mountains majesty un till we got to Tennessee because those mountains looked purple and i was like ohhh that's why.

every morning started with strong coffee.

it was such a nice day the day before we left it was sunny and 75 degrees. then my mom called her friend and she told us that it snowed a lot. so then the rest of the day became a count down to back to the snowy weather. 

 back to reality i have so much stuff going on these next two weeks i will try to blog about it. my sister and i are making take a ways for mark newport. he's visiting our school and doing a performance and were making them so the people who are participating in the performance have something to remember the event by. will try to take photos of the event! were all pretty excited about this. will keep you guys posted!
image via google

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

something sweet on sundays

some of my favorite actors doing the noh8 campaign.
pauley perrette

tori and dean and family

love and noh8

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

spring has sprung

i took time off from writing to have spring break which i will post some photos soon. i also have some really good post coming up. like artist i love, a book review, new work i have been working on in clay class, and i'm thinking about doing a post about how i  put together a piece of art work together all the processes i go though.  so stay tuned.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

the great gatsby

last month my sister and i set out to do a photo shoot based on the front cover of the great gatsby and here are the pictures.

i hope you enjoy

love and cupcakes

Saturday, March 5, 2011

what's your baggage heather?

last saturday my mom, sister, friend, and i went shopping at the outlet malls half an hour from where i live. only my family knows this and if you read my sisters blog you know she's a self proclaimed shopaholic. i however like to save my pennies (nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars) for a rainy day or when something breaks like my purse. 
i had a black converse purse that had my personality (you know the bag that says hey i'm you put me on your arm and carry me around.) i bought it at target and i loved it. lucky for me it was breaking just as we decided to go. we spent the day looking at stores for a purse just browsing waiting for that same spark that brought me to my converse bag. 

3 stores and nothing said i'm you! untill my sister said can we go to fossil. i browsed kind of giving up and then i spotted this red orange leather bag and i felt that spark (you know what i'm taking about right?that feeling like this bag was waiting for you to find it) this is why i love it! 
it's big enough to hold everything and nothing gets lost. i can hold a book or my kindle, my moleskin notebooks for class, and its just that perfect size.

yeah i thought i would share my love for this purse. 

love and cupcakes

Friday, March 4, 2011

threading and cookies

yesterday started with starbucks then i threaded my floor loom, the first step of many. (that i will try to remember to take pictures just to document that i can do it! lol) went to the store to get some supplies for our ceramics class. my sister made a fondue set while i made a cookie dish. funny story i bought play dough cookies thinking that they would go with my plate because they are typically yellow and pink but thanks to st. Patricks day they are GREEN! 

this is Erica's fondue pots and my plate in the back with the green cookies.

my dish

pretty awesome fondue set and yeah that's chocolate and pretzels! we had a fun time in class eating and describing how we made our dishes and what problems we encountered while we built them. next on the list is throwing on the wheel. this should fun!

love and cupcakes

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

hello march

this month i will try to fill it with fun, art and photo shoots just for fun. i will also art journal more and stay inspired. i will try to have fun new post here and share more about my art school life. picture above from a photoshoot that went so wrong is wasn't even funny, but i got this photobooth pic just for fun. i might add some pics from the photoshoot a little later but un till then good night and happy march!

love and cupcakes