Sunday, March 27, 2011

artist I love

Last week my school brought a visiting artist. they do this from time to time with different clubs. this time it was artist margery amdur. she came did a lecture in the afternoon which i attended.(because one of the art professors came in to our classroom and told us about it and our teacher said it was ok to go! YAY!) she went though some of the art she did when she first started out. it was 3-D installation work and some really awesome community art  pieces. she showed us how her style changed and what to do if we get in a creative slump. then at 5 was her gallery opening. which was amazing.

her stuff i amazing i hope you enjoy!
love and cupcakes


  1. the stuff on her website is phenomenal. i adore the van gogh floor exhibit and installation (wow)! i know i'm not getting the full experience that you saw in person. lucky girl. doesn't it just make you want to go out and create more art?

  2. i know i loved it. i left very inspired to try new new things and to not be afraid of layering and i wanted to make my own paint by numbers.