Tuesday, March 22, 2011

4 pics of...... and artist i love

South carolina

i went to go visit my grandparents for spring break i still have to go though most of the pics i took but here are some i took with my phone.

skittles + coke in glass bottle = best road trip fuel ever! it keeps you awake for the 12 hour drive.

i never understood why they called them the purple mountains majesty un till we got to Tennessee because those mountains looked purple and i was like ohhh that's why.

every morning started with strong coffee.

it was such a nice day the day before we left it was sunny and 75 degrees. then my mom called her friend and she told us that it snowed a lot. so then the rest of the day became a count down to back to the snowy weather. 

 back to reality i have so much stuff going on these next two weeks i will try to blog about it. my sister and i are making take a ways for mark newport. he's visiting our school and doing a performance and were making them so the people who are participating in the performance have something to remember the event by. will try to take photos of the event! were all pretty excited about this. will keep you guys posted!
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love and cupcakes

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