Saturday, March 5, 2011

what's your baggage heather?

last saturday my mom, sister, friend, and i went shopping at the outlet malls half an hour from where i live. only my family knows this and if you read my sisters blog you know she's a self proclaimed shopaholic. i however like to save my pennies (nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars) for a rainy day or when something breaks like my purse. 
i had a black converse purse that had my personality (you know the bag that says hey i'm you put me on your arm and carry me around.) i bought it at target and i loved it. lucky for me it was breaking just as we decided to go. we spent the day looking at stores for a purse just browsing waiting for that same spark that brought me to my converse bag. 

3 stores and nothing said i'm you! untill my sister said can we go to fossil. i browsed kind of giving up and then i spotted this red orange leather bag and i felt that spark (you know what i'm taking about right?that feeling like this bag was waiting for you to find it) this is why i love it! 
it's big enough to hold everything and nothing gets lost. i can hold a book or my kindle, my moleskin notebooks for class, and its just that perfect size.

yeah i thought i would share my love for this purse. 

love and cupcakes


  1. oh i haven't had a really perfect bag for awhile. Although i've been craving one lately. Will need to keep my eyes peeled. Perfect bag always makes you feel wonderful.
    Love the fossil bag by the way. x