Friday, March 4, 2011

threading and cookies

yesterday started with starbucks then i threaded my floor loom, the first step of many. (that i will try to remember to take pictures just to document that i can do it! lol) went to the store to get some supplies for our ceramics class. my sister made a fondue set while i made a cookie dish. funny story i bought play dough cookies thinking that they would go with my plate because they are typically yellow and pink but thanks to st. Patricks day they are GREEN! 

this is Erica's fondue pots and my plate in the back with the green cookies.

my dish

pretty awesome fondue set and yeah that's chocolate and pretzels! we had a fun time in class eating and describing how we made our dishes and what problems we encountered while we built them. next on the list is throwing on the wheel. this should fun!

love and cupcakes

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