Tuesday, February 1, 2011

new things like sweaters and nail polish

right now i'm sitting in my little house waiting for the huge winter storm to hit. it makes me a little nervous knowing that it might snow rain. i'm afraid that it will freeze shut everything. i've been wearing tons of sweaters i just bought a new one from arie. i have been coveting it since it first came out and i got it half price! yes!

i also got one of the new nail polishes that katy perry and opi made. normally i wouldn't get anything that celebrities endorse or creative direct (thanks lady gaga for ruining polaroid for me) but i couldn't help it the colors were just to good to pass up. i got a light pink (teenage dream) and the gun metal pink (the one that got away)  so i'm off to paint my nails and wait this storm out! for those of you on the east coast stay safe and warm

images via google

love and cupcakes


  1. ya lady gaga makes me gag. after u get the new opi polish tell us if it's a thumbs up or thumbs down.

  2. thumbs up! i love them they are so nice and girly and i need to get the black crackel one soon!