Saturday, February 5, 2011

valentines diy

valentines diy! 
 i will make two posts one for each card because i feel like it would be a very long post. so let's get started!

  gather supplies

you will need:
card stock any color you like (i used red)
things to trace /hand draw hearts or you could use punches if you have them
exacto knife
self healing mat/card board

step 1: 
draw or trace hearts and cut them out. you can put them any where i just did them in the right hand corner because that's where they looked cute to me and you can make them any size too.

step 2: 
cut a piece of card stock to fill your heart holes 

and glue in place

step 3: 
embellish your card i put scallops on my plain red card stock to add some interest as well as dashes so it looks like embroidery.

step 4:
to make use of the card stock in the back of your hearts i put some washi tape to secure it down and wrote xo just so it doesn't look not thought about but if you don't like seeing it you can always just put a piece of colored paper the size of the card back. 

volla a valentine in just 4 steps!

i also wanted to share the valentines i did for the fibers club! i hope you like them, they are just variations  with the same message. 

stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!

love and cupcakes

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