Thursday, February 3, 2011

the epic snow day!

this picture was taken yesterday trying to drive as you can see we couldn't see anything. but today it got so much better the sun was out (before you guys ask yes i was in shock a little bit) there was no clouds in the sky and we listened to here comes the sun from the beatles on our way to school so all in all a better day they yesterday. yay!
i also wanted to share some other pictures from my phone like prints i have made, perfect cookies, and ducks.

i plan to make some valentines with this i'm excited and i will share as soon as i get them done! 

now all i want to do is make a fort as cute as this one and sleep this weather away.

love and cupcakes


  1. those block prints are rad, & difficult to do. i know cause i took a relief printmaking class a couple yrs ago. mine were NOT as cute. so good going jes!