Friday, January 21, 2011

haven't you heard.....

haven't you heard new year new classes. i started back at school this week, i'm so excited! i have ceramics and its getting better i'm making a whistle (and it works!) once i'm done with it i will show you guys. i'm also taking a weaving and fibers class that i'm so stoked to be taking. were gonna learn knitting (which i already know how to do that) weaving on a loom (i'm super excited to learn), and to embroider so needless to say i can't wait. i have a few other classes i'm taking just to fill out my requirements, but those are the ones i'm excited about most! 
Jenny heart of sublime stitching!  taking embroidery into the future  "This Ain't Your Gramma's Embroidery" !)
the first weaving and fibers class we had was just a lets get to know each other a bit better, and a why did you want to take this class? so i got to know some of the other students and not to mention my sister is also taking these two classes with me. (yay!) then the teacher had a presentation and she gave us a list of names and i just freaked out when i saw that jenny heart was on that list. totally made my day because i love sublime stitching.i look a her patterns and always want to get some but i don't know how to embroider.(i let my sister do that....for now lol) so here's to learning new things!

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love and cupcakes

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