Thursday, January 6, 2011

how to hair do

pin curls

this works better with wet hair so try this when your done showering or just wet your hair with a spray bottle.


- bobbie pins
- spray bottle (if you need it)
- scarf (to wrap it up to go to bed to keep the pins in place)
- comb (to part sections)

step one- wet your hair of if you just got out of the show just towel dry to get most of the moisture out. we want it wet not dripping.

step two- gather a section of hair and inch wide and use your pointer fingers and thumb to hold the ends of your hair.

step three- roll your hair from your ends to the crown.

step four- secure your curl with a bobbie pin

 step five- repeat steps two though four untill you curl all your hair

step six- you can dry the curls with a hair dryer or just let them air dry once dry you can let all the pins go and volla! pin curls 

clara bow image source via google
pin curl model my sister and i
hope you enjoy! 
love and cupcakes

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  1. once upon a time, many yrs ago i asked my grandma to help put ringlets in my hair. what she ended up doing i think were pin curls. it was so frizzed out poodle hair fugly. maybe it wasn't really pin curls? whatever it was did not look cute like your hair do. it was a definite hair don't!