Tuesday, January 15, 2013

stuck in a style rut? part 7 the cherry on top

yes we have come to my favorite part! accessories! jewelry is my favorite part of dressing, because its like adding a whole other personality to my outfit. i know all the fashion magazines say you can change your entire outfit with a few accessories, they say it because its true. i love mixing my harder pieces (like my studded cuff) with a girly dress. i feel like jewelry makes dressing fun and an outfit complete. and you don't have to spend a lot of money, and you can do trends with jewelry.

Erickson Beamon necklace
i love big statement pieces that when you wear them you don't have to wear another piece if you don't want to.
layered necklaces.    We have some great small necklaces of all different lengths to layer for an awesome look.
i also love little necklaces that you can stack them together to make a unique pile. don't be afraid to mix metals ex: silver and brass or gold. it makes it more eclectic.

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for me because my writs are so small i can only wear stretchy bracelets which limit me, though i can't wear so many of them i love them! you can wear one or stack them up. thick or thin, mix metals with leather, friendship bracelets or keep it clean with one. but when i wear one i make sure its a statement but that's just my personal opinion.

need YSL Arty Oval Ring
i love statement rings like the ysl arty ring that make you whole hand look good.
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but on the other side i love stacking rings and having multiples on my hand.

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i love love love earrings. maybe because no matter what they will always fit.  I'm a fan of door knocker earrings i think its because i can feel them move around my ears so i don't lose it.
i love how they brighten your face and add color to your outfit.

12 Earrings So Good, You'll Build Your Whole Outfit Around 'Em
now that i have talked to you guys about jewelry i will break it down and do a separate post for each. like how to layer jewelry, when is less is more appropriate.
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