Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Ring A Week Challenge

This year I wanted to push my metal smithing skills and still do something fun! Something that wasn't an assignment for school. Then my sister mentioned to me that she was going to do a ring a week challenge. I thought that was perfect! I haven't done many rings since the ring project we had in casting and I wanted to work smaller to focus on my craftsmanship.

During the year I will document my sketches, my inspiration, and steps for every ring that I make, as well at the finished product. I haven't decided what to do with every ring once I'm done with this project maybe get them photographed and make a book?  Its too early to decide anything. here's to a new year and a new creative project!



  1. did you make these or did your sister?

  2. i made these. the first picture are the rings i made in casting and the other picture are the rings i fabricated.