Wednesday, January 23, 2013

spring cleaning

Get a peek inside Grimes' makeup bag

I know that on the east coast its still winter considering the winter storm we have moving though right now but for some reason I'm spring cleaning. blame it on wishing it was spring or feeling like I need to organize everything but I have been going though my house and getting rid of things i no longer need or want. this also goes along with this blog. i spent a few hours going though the archives of this blog and getting rid of post that no longer worked ie. images that no longer came up or post that had no substance. I may no longer have a large number of posts but the ones i do have contain more than just pictures that I found and liked. I want to have a blog that has substance and a strong point of view about fashion, jewelry, and style. so here is to moving forward and growing this blog into what i wanted it be. its heading in the right direction and i have come along way from when I started and look forward into growing in to a better blogger. 
image via pinterest