Wednesday, July 28, 2010

oh ice cream man......

do you guys remember when we were younger and we would hear the most magical sound of chimes and we just knew.......we would run outside with a dollar in our pockets and try to catch the ice cream truck? well i just got very nostagic about it and this song reminds me of it amd makes me want to go chase down that truck of happy.

love and cupcakes


  1. i remember last fall/winter (here n texas) when the ice cream man would come down the road playin his daily ditty. (huh?) but i haven't heard him come at all this summer. (what?) it's so obvious i'm not from here. n the west (where i'm from) the ice cream man only came n the summer.

  2. teddi- yeah they only come in the summer and we haven't heard or seen them in a very long while.