Sunday, July 11, 2010

the goal heard around the world......

some of you might not know this about me but i'm big in the world cup. i watch it every 4 years when they have it and i alway root for spain but most of the time they get eliminated in the paliminarys but this year it was different they made it all the way to the finals and man it was between the Netherlands and spain. no one had scored a goal the whole game. here i was jumping up and down wanting to scream at the tv screen going come on spain come ON!!!!! just one goal.....and then they went in to over time and them the most magical thing happened....player number 6 kicked the ball and.......... GOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL! yes!!!! i jumped up and down ran around the living room and high fived my grandma, sister, and brother. man i wanted to cry. i'm so excited i just can't help it. it was the first time in the history of the world cup that spain won and i am just over the moon.

love and cupcakes

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