Thursday, July 1, 2010

inspiration Thursday

first i would like to say only a few more days untill i go no internet. i will be going down south to relax visit with family and enjoy the beach. i will try to blog from my phone but sometimes i forget. second due to the fact that this week my internet was super slow and i have no patience i have not blogged but the next week comming up i will post two of everything two style icons, two bands, two artists, two inspiration, things i love, and other little things just to make it up to you. but now here is some inspiration to keep you till then.


  1. O the dandelion & the peace dove hair accessory! have a wonderful vacation. i will B excited 2 C ur pix when u come back. enjoy urself. i just realized because of ur influence my blog is better. thank U!

  2. teddi- wow! thanks i'm very happy. that my blog inspires you. and thank you for reading.