Tuesday, July 27, 2010

band of the week

talking heads
Talking Heads, 1976 - Private Party
Tina Weymouth - Talking Heads

images via flickr and weheartit



  1. i can't believe know who the talking heads r! i am so old i rember when burning down the house was popular on radio. i'm laughin @ david letterman on youtube. had no clue grl was n the band. ur n2 that experimental type music aren't ya?

  2. teddi- i have been obessed with the talking heads for like 6 years now!!!!i discovered them when i got really into the cbgb scene in the late 70's along with blondie, and the ramones. i love that tina blended in with the guys i thought it realy spoke about a women not having to be feminine to rock.