Friday, December 21, 2012

taking it seriously

i started this blog on december 11, 2009 i was a sophomore in college and had tons of ideas about this blog. As i wrote i got burned out didn't know what to write about anymore so i thought i would take a break and then return. when i went to come back i was still burned out but with the best intentions i wrote a little and then stopped not ready to return. then i was thinking about stopping this blog and starting a new one with my sister so i wouldn't have to blog by myself and all of the content would be up to me so it had been a long time since we talked about it and no blog so. then i went soul searching enjoyed time with my family and focused on school which which was nice it gave me time to focus on where i want my jewelry to go. then the other day i was talking to my mother and she mentioned why i haven't blogged in a while which left me to wonder why? i miss writing my obsessions however nerdy they are, or what I'm stalking on the internet because i love a new piece of jewelry and can not afford it, or about my adventures that i have had this year, or who i met. i know this started off as a "break up" letter but in reality its about figuring out why i started this in the first place and why i ever stopped. i did burn my self out but now i'm ready to share what i've been up to and other things that pop up along the way!
image taken by Tara Herter Photography and edited with afterglow

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  1. jes, i'm glad you have been enjoying life, and i like to read your blog when you do post. remember how much you inspired me? merry christmas!