Sunday, December 23, 2012

my new favorite jewelry designers Anndra Neen

I have loved Phoebe and Annette Stevens ever since I saw them on a video for style like u. They described their style and their views on jewelry and what it means to them. The way they talked about their process in designing jewelry I could really relate to.  All of their jewelry is hand crafted in Mexico City which is really great they are giving jobs to their community which i really admire.

pictured above there are some pieces from their caged collection, copper collection, mirror and pin collection, and spine collection  among others. To see all of their collections visit them at I love their jewelry its so effortless to wear and makes a statement with anything you wear but I tend to wear a new piece of jewelry with everything even if it doesn't match, it matches. it forces me to create an outfit around the jewelry. My favorite pieces from them has to be their bags, purses and clutches. There is an air of sophistication to them with a hint of reckless abandon which i respond strongly to. These bags are truly a work of art and are a statement in themselves. 

i love this picture above that their bracelets can easily be sculptures and look the same which can be a very hard thing to do. Below is the video that introduced me to them. Watch it you'll fall in love with them too.

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  1. they definitely have their own unique point of view. i can see how every piece would go with whatever you wear. i've never seen bags like that before. completely fascinating! :)