Tuesday, December 25, 2012

next year i will....

Well here we are near the end this year and at the beginning of a new one so i think it's time to think about goals for the coming year. (I don't like the word resolution it's sounds scary and unobtainable.) Goals everybody has them the trick to them is coming up with one that you can actually achieve. Have a big goal with steps that can help you reach your goals. Here are mine to give you an idea.

1. To write more here on the ole blog.

- Plan out post before they go live.
- write out every idea before i forget them.
- try to use my own photographs.

2. My sister and I are planning on doing a ring a week project for the year. 

- We will design a ring and fabricate it from start to finish.
-  I will document the process here to keep me accountable. 

3. Document my life.

- I want to take pictures daily to capture little moments that would be forgotten.
- I will use my phone because I have tons of apps on my phone and the only ones I use are aferglow, and instagram. 

4. I want to do style posts. 

- I love fashion and would love to share my style with you guys.
- This will also help me come up with new ways to wear things! always a plus. 

these are my goals for 2013! share yours in the comments i would love to see what everyone is going to work on this year!
this is a submission for the IFB project.



  1. jes, these sound awesome! i look forward to seeing them. me and goals? ha-ha-ha ;)

  2. I have so many goals for next year I can't write them all here. Hahaha. A main one is to get through all my exams but I also want to do more fashion DIYs and share them on my blog. Good luck achieving yours <3 I love your blog x