Wednesday, February 8, 2012

stuck in a style rut? part 6 make up your face

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make up the greatest thing known to women. it helps us put our best face forward and its something that we can change every day. in order for us to have a blank and healthy canvas for our color exstavaganza we need a clean canvas. i always wash my face in the morning with aveeno calming clenzer then i use biore ex stringent on top that of with aveeno daily moistiser with spf 30 and your ready to put on your make up. its very important  to always use spf to keep your skin protected from sun damage. even if the sun isn't out it can still bounce off the snow (if you get snow).

its great to have a daily make up routine where you look natural and beautiful but its also a nice foundation for getting crazy with your make up for when you have a party or a girls night out.

i love having something fun and new everyday when i catch my reflection. some times you get bored of your make up and when this happens to me this is what i do to try to freshen things up.

1. match my nails and make up.  the more colors on your nails the more colors you have to choose from.
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2. take inspiration of my outfit, choose a color that's in the clothes or take a the vibe say a 60's vibe go nuts and give yourself a winged eye.
got wings!

3. take inspiration from runway shows or advertisements it doesn't have to be as extreme as the runway shows, you don't want to look like mimi from the drew carey show.
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 4. try new stuff! i know every one says this but its because its true if you like lipstick and don't think it will look good try it! i know lipstick look great on everyone its just about having the confidence to pull it off. take me for example i have never worn lashes (mostly because i wear glasses and my lashes hit my lenses) but as soon i get contacts i'm getting out of my comfort zone and trying them. i might just love them and i'm sure if you try something you'll  be glad you did. right now i'm excited to try the reverse smokey eye shown here by my newest obsession the beauty department.
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 any other style rut questions? do you want more tips about clothes, make up? let me know in a comment ; )

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  1. i like to match my outfits with my nail polish, but i savor my one color lipstick. i totally cut out magazine images for make-up inspiration too. when are we gonna see that jewelry again?

  2. soon soon soon! i'm going to cast them this week! then i will do a post.