Thursday, April 7, 2011

when time came to clear you slate you had to much had much on your plate......

yes it's that time of year again where i start getting crazy and adding way to much on my plate metaphorical and literally. i'm in ceramics and i love it so much i decided to make it my minor. so now i'm off to make more stuff on the potters wheel and hopefully get to decorate them tonight. i have a color palate in mind and what i want them to look like all in my head i just need to take the time to get them that way. i'm so excited for this and can't wait to show you guys the finished products.  the picture above are two bowls that i thew. just a sneak peek. stress and creativity is never fun 3 more weeks untill i'm free and can work on other art projects not for school so looking forward to this. i hope you guys have a lovely day i know i am its sunny today so yay!
love and cupcakes

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