Monday, April 11, 2011

artist I love

in ceramics we were doing lots of projects 5 vases here, and 5 cups there, bowls, and pitchers galore. so when our teacher told us what we were doing my sister decided to get some inspiration to see what we could do that would be fun enter jonathan adler's website here and an obsession had occurred. everything he designs is so whimsical and chic and i love him and would love to intern with him some day...if he takes interns. i love his quirky sense of style and writings and here are some of my favorite things he makes.
pottery husband and wife heads

peace hand
i think its safe to say when i saw this i was smitten with it immediately.
whale pitcher
for the readers bull bookends
like i said genius.

my sister got this for my mom for christmas and i got....
i hate to say this but i'm a regular at starbucks and the workers asked me if i got my gold card already and i said that this one helps give money to the Global fund while i get to stay warm in the chilly weather.
he makes pollows
furniture and everything you need to decorate it. he's pretty amazing and i hope you check his website because there is so much more stuff to look at.
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love and cupcakes


  1. his work has such a smoothness to it!

  2. yes it does! i hope to get that way some time soon.