Tuesday, February 23, 2010

happy pancake day every one!!!

DIY: Whole Grain Pancake Mix
today is a magical day. its pancake day!!! i dont know why i love pancakes but i do. ever since i had to make a website in high school and it had to be a holiday. i didn't want to do christmas or valentines day (also great holidays) but every one was doing them. so i searched on the internet and i clicked a link and pancake day pop up. ever since then i love pancake day. they are just so nice and fluffy. ummmmm and yummy! i know i will be eating a stack today hope you will too! here are some pictures to put you in the mood.

i will be back with fashion obessions later on today!

love and pancakes

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  1. Those pancakes made my stomach start growling! cute blog!