Friday, February 19, 2010

fun friday!

had a bad day and a great day yesterday. It started with me being sick, then i got to the printing studio and my ink was drying way too fast. had lunch and my friend had the worst attitude ever. but then even though it was crowed we found a parking spot near where we need to go. but when we went to leave the car was dead. my friend left the lights on and didn't tell my sister so the lights were left on. but we have good friends and were very lucky some guy had jumper cables. got home and left right away for an awesome girls night out! we had dinner and then went to the craft store! my favorite so it was a so so day. now its a new one and I'm ready to paint it with colors!
now back to business what I'm loving this week.
1. craft projects
wearable craft project
wishing i had the time to do them. i guess the summer will do right?
2. paint
painted leaves
i love paint i wish i had more time for just for fun painting but until i get my homework paintings done no fun painting for me.

3. chicken noodle soup
Chicken Noodle Soup
because it always makes me feel better.

4. dressing on the side
her shop
just got this shirt in the mail. so happy!
5. life
because you need to love every minute because you can never get them back.
all other pictures found at weheartit

love and cupcakes

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