Sunday, January 31, 2010

yesterday was a good day

yesterday went to the post office and mailed my craft swap partner her package! that was on my to do list for a week then went to shop at buffalo and i got a coat, because my old one was cream and it got a few stains on it so if anyone know how to dye wool fabric please let me know. its a cute coat see
and i got this sweater i almost bought it once see blog entry here but yesterday i bought it not in the brown as you can see because the one from last time was still there and the button was still in the pocket so i still didn't get it.
and when we got home from our shopping date i got my first skunkboy creatures
yeah she mine all mine! i love her she is the cutest thing i have ever laid my eyes on. so glad she's here!

will be back with this weeks style icon!

love and cupcakes

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