Saturday, January 23, 2010

my perfect saturday

every time i have a free day i always want to go to the craft store, and want to spend the rest of the day crafting. today is that day! I'm so excited. i have nothing planned except to finger knit, make a pair of ear rings and make some valentines. i know its early but if i wait till later i will never get them done.
also went to the book store and my sister and i got the martha stewart encyclopedia of crafts. now normally when we wait so long for a book of crafts we flip though it and are always disappointed however we were pleasantly surprised when we loved every project! so yeah if your thinking of getting this book you should its amazing and you wont be disappointed.

i will come back and do a style icon post today sorry i wasn't feeling good and fell asleep so that is also on my to do list!

have a great day!

love and cupcakes

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