Thursday, June 28, 2012

goodbye month

i am aware that i haven't written anything since the beginning of the month i blame it on having a full time summer job which has left me uninspired. however now that my i'm going from full time to part time ill have more time to write! so goals lets check them off.

1. working on my relationship with God is the greatest thing i could do for myself. i am filled with peace about life, and grateful for everything he has done for me.

2.  draw 3 to 4 drawings. i haven't started on these yet, but i did get all the supplies so i'm half way there. now that i have more time on my hands i will get these done.

3. sketching for jewelry designs.   i have started this with pintrest. yes i have been gathering inspiration for what i want my jewelry to look like and what kind of vibe i want it to give off. so once i feel like i have enough images i will go though them and decide what they all have in common why i like those images and why i want my jewelry to have that vibe and work on steps to completing the sketches.

4 reading. i have done a lot of reading i just finished the hunger games series which i loved. i started lauren conrad's L.A. candy series thanks to Teddi from honeybee lane who suggested them.

5 relaxing. its the hardest thing to do i don't know if its because i don't know how to or i'm always relaxed and don't know it but i'm working on it. i tried by taking a walk with my family in asbury woods, the woods we have in town. and yes i did feel like katniss walking around in the woods with my hair in a braid ;)

july is right around the corner and my only goal this month is to write more here on the blog. when i first started i did it every day that i just got burned out. so i took some time to get inspired and im still working on getting back to the way i used to be about blogging. i still love it and i miss it everyday but i am still working on getting inspired to write fun blog posts here. so that is what i will be working on.

image via pintrest


  1. jes, working a lot can certainly be draining. if you don't feel inspired, then blogging isn't any fun. you made quite a dent in some of your goals. i look forward to your jewelry ideas & drawings. it would be fun to see the woods where you hang out. you can take photos or have someone, like your twin, take photos of you with the braid in your hair. or you can share your favorite quotes, from whatever books you are reading. or you can share some of your pins from pinterest as blogging posts, for people like me who aren't on pinterest. or you can tell me to stuff it, & have a nice day. ;)

    1. no i would never tell you to stuff it. :) those are really great ideas. i might use some of them. i can't wait to show you guys my drawings! now that i have a camera all thing are possible. oh and i'm setting up a photo shoot for my jewelry. but right now the photographer isn't feeling so good. so in the mean time i'm coming up with the concept! thank you for your suggestions.