Friday, August 17, 2012

winds of change

For the past year and a half i have been stuck in a rut about what to write or share here. I tried a few ideas but it never felt right. I would sit down to write a post and wrote a few paragraphs saved it for later then reread it and decided it wasn't as good as i thought in my head or it wasn't even worth a post. so i have decided to stop writing. just kidding! i love this space and love to share things with all of you about fashion but i think i am just going to use this blog to share my inspiration and my jewelry and sketches and of course the drama that comes with making things, also known as plan b or plan c. i feel like this is what i wanted my blog to be but was nervous. I am still going to write about what is going on in fashion but about what other jewelry designers are doing. i feel like this will be a great change for me. I hope you stick around to watch this change.

1 comment:

  1. jes, don't be nervous! i've been dying to see your inspiration & creations. so far, i am very impressed. :)